Finally, we’ve started our blog!

IMG_3904 (1)Technology. It’s great, most of the time. But I must say that when you’re my age, it can be a challenge.

I grew up in a time when there was NO Smart-Technology. We played outside on the monkey bars and swing-sets. I especially loved the merry-go-round, except when one of the other kids got sick on it. If it was rainy and we couldn’t play outside, we pushed the kitchen chairs to the middle of the living room and hung blankets all around to create our own private tent. Of course, then came the lamp, and our favorite toys!

So technology…now I’m learning how to blog. My heart is full as we live out some years here in Mexico as missionaries, and I want to write about it. You know, keep a journal, a history of this stage of our lives. Maybe no one will read it, but I will enjoy expressing the joys and the challenges right here.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Your honesty and vulerability are refreshing. I know that moving to Mexico was a calling from God. But I also realize the hardships and emotional turmoil it created for you and those you love.
    “Nothing worth doing is easy”, comes to my mind. The very act of going and being willing to be used by the Lord is amazing to me. You are my friend, and I am humbled by the work that God has blessed through you.
    Continue writing- I’m reading and praying! Love ya!


    • Thank you, so much! That means so much coming from you, my friend. I’m so excited about spending some time with you this fall. God is good to give me friends like you! ❤️😘


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