Did I Sign Up For This?

First and foremost, I want to express my love for the Lord, and say that I in no way regret moving to Mexico to be a missionary. THIS is where I’m supposed to be. I love serving God here, and I’m in awe that He chose me. What a privilege to speak the name of Jesus to so many throughout each week for the last two years! (heart)

I signed up for this. God called, I said yes. Many, many years ago when I attended Bible college, becoming a missionary was only a dream of foreign lands and cultures. SometiFullSizeRender 2mes missionaries would come to our church and show slides of what it was like in their new country, and I could see myself there, sharing Christ with those people! But since I made other choices, God never called me. Until 3 years ago! So yes, I am amazed that God has given me this honor, and I wouldn’t change it.

With that clearly said, the part I didn’t sign up for was missing my family and friends. I mean I know it’s normal, but it stings a little more lately for some reason. Things like not seeing Mom paint her picture at a Mother’s Day gathering. Not riding in my daughter’s new car. Not being at my son’s first baby shower for my first granFullSizeRenderdchild. Not being at my step son’s wedding. Not being there to help and spend time with my other step son who has cancer. And not seeing my brother, or Phil’s sisters. Yeah, sometimes it’s just plain hard, because I love my family!

Then, I remember Mexico…and giving my testimony to a couple at their house last Sunday, and telling them about my best friend, Jesus. And I remember how on Friday at the ranch I was sitting next to Remedios, a lady in her 80s, helping her find the Bible verses Phil was reading, and holding her page so it wouldn’t blow in the wind. I remember how on Wednesday, Laura Elena, a very poor single mom, couldn’t stop smiling because we came to do a Bible study at her house with she and 6 children. And I remember how last week we gave out goodie bags to children in a poor neighborhood, and most of them begged me for another one to take home to their brothers and sisters. The Lord amazes me everyday!

THAT, my friends, is what I signed up for! (heart)

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