Broken Glass, Broken Hearts

As we headed into the very poor and crime-ridden neighborhood, I noticed the dirt road was extra rocky, and I mean very big, sharp rocks. Apparently, the Mexican government hauled them in to minimize the ruts when it rains really hard. We were praying for our tires as we drove over the rocks. Vehicles hardly enter that community anyway…no taxis, no buses, everybody walks or rides their bike, if they have one. Except us, of course, we drive into the area to visit L every week and have a Bible study. FullSizeRender 4

We blew the horn and waited for someone to come to the large metal door. Maybe no one was home. Then, L’s mother-in-law came walking up the rocky road to the home they all live in together, and we were invited in. Immediately, when I saw L, I knew something was terribly wrong. What could it be? She was so happy last week, singing praises to the Lord, laughing as Phil told the Bible story in a funny way, and enjoying her new faith in Christ. She apologized for not hearing the horn, and said she’d fallen asleep, but we knew it was something more.

Next, L’s two small children came up bouncing and giggling as usual, and telling us all about their new puppies. L brought the old, dirty folding chairs outside for us to begin the Bible study, as Phil got his guitar ready for us to sing. L began to confide in us that her former partner, the father of her children, had made a violent appearance last night for the first time in a while. He had been living somewhere else with a new woman who is pregnant. Last night, he decided he wanted to force L out of that home, and move the new woman in. FullSizeRender 3

That explained the broken glass. Their door wasn’t much of a door to begin with, but now the glass was broken out. Fighting tears, I could only imagine the horrors of the night before. We used this time to love on L and her mother-in-law, sing songs about the peace of God no matter the circumstances, and Phil taught them from the scriptures about God’s great love for them. With all his passion, he emphasized that our only hope in life is to put our faith and trust in the Lord, and He will care for us. And reminders of what heaven is like…no more pain.

Broken hearts. That’s all I could see the entire time we sat there. Both ladies were falling asleep as we read the scriptures and encouraged them. I’ve never seen anything like it. Due to the violent night they had experienced, neither of them had slept. Next, all of a sudden, a man we’d never seen before came quickly into their lot on a bicycle, got off, and went inside the house. We knew it was “him” when the kids yelled, “Poppy!” Though we’d just heard how scared the kids were the night before during the violence, as kids usually do, they forgot that and were excited to see their daddy.FullSizeRender 3

As we prayed for them and prepared to leave, we softly asked them if they had food and water. They looked at each other…”no, we don’t.” We had never before given them money, or anything except some of my used clothing. Giving money isn’t usually a good idea because people can spend it on their addictions, but we know these ladies. They were really in need. When we got out to our truck, we gave L some pesos to go to the store and buy food and water.

The drive home was excruciating. How could we leave them there? But even if we could rescue them, what about the thousands of other abused women in our city? Once again, it was time to put all our faith and trust in the God we came here to serve. The rescue job is His. He’s the hero, not us. He’s the one who gave His only Son to die on a cross, so that these women and others can spend eternity in heaven with Him. That’s why we’re here. That’s our part in the rescue.

Broken glass. Broken hearts, theirs and ours. Our hope lies in knowing Jesus. He changes everything in the end.

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