Have You Ever Seen the Wonder?

I’m just wondering…have you ever seen the wonder?

I saw the wonder for the very first time in 1976 when God gave me a new life in Him.

I saw the wonder the first time I held my beautiful babies. Only God could create something so perfect.

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I saw the wonder when God rescued me from an abusive marriage.

I saw the wonder as I watched people looking for food in a trash dump in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. God supplied their needs, His way.

I saw the wonder on a beautiful Easter morning before church. Phil got on his knees and ask me to marry him, and serve God with him for the rest of our lives.

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I saw the wonder in the Dominican Republic while walking the sewage filled streets in a poor neighborhood. God brought His message of hope to those people through our group.

I saw the wonder in the eyes of hungry children in a Nicaragua feeding kitchen. God supplied their physical and spiritual food.

I saw the wonder as I held my precious dad’s hand while he took his last breath. God took him peacefully into an eternal life in heaven.


In all of these situations, I saw the wonder of God there.

I’ve seen the wonder countless times while living here in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, too.

I saw the wonder in a little girl when we gave her a Bible of her very own.


I saw the wonder in the tears of a young woman as she confessed her life of sexual immorality, and the Spirit of God filled her.

I’ve seen the wonder every time we teach people what biblical baptism means.

IMG_9992I saw the wonder in the smiles of children in a crime-ridden neighborhood when they received their toy-filled Christmas bag and the message of Jesus.


I saw the wonder in our friend when he shared of God’s deliverance from his chains of addiction.

I’ve seen the wonder in the eyes of my new friends as they’ve felt God’s love for them through me.

I saw the wonder when 14 Mexican men, whom we didn’t even know, came out of their homes after midnight to support us when our home was robbed.


I saw the wonder in my new friend when God’s grace freed her from the bondage of her empty religious rituals.


I saw the wonder at a home for the elderly as the people heard the gospel.


I see the wonder every single time we lead a Bible study, as people discover for themselves what God really says about salvation in Christ.


Have you ever seen the wonder?

WONDERToday, God gave me the gift of hearing a new song called Have You Ever Seen the Wonder? by Hillsong United. The lyrics and music took me on a journey through my past, and I realized how many times I’ve seen the wonder.


What is the wonder?

It’s all around us. There’s always wonder, even in circumstances that we don’t understand. There’s always wonder in there somewhere. The wonder of God. Just look for Him.

As the song says (in my words),

The wonder is… the glimmer of first light when the power of God opens the eyes of the blind. When He walks them from the darkness into the light

The wonder is… imagining the entire world bursting in living color with their new life in Jesus

The wonder is…walking in the light of Jesus, when there’s spiritual darkness all around

The wonder is… the fresh air of a second life

The wonder is… coming out of the waters of baptism, leaving the old life behind

The wonder is… seeing the world in grace and gospel, seeing the world God’s way

The wonder is… walking with God, He’s the wonder in the wild

The wonder is… seeing the world in love for each other

The wonder is… not being afraid to follow Jesus

The wonder is… seeing the world the Jesus way, and not being afraid to say so

My guess is that you’ve seen the wonder, too.

Have you? Share in the comment box!

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