Home Is Where You Are

Home can be anywhere God leads you to live. Home is where you are. And no matter the conditions, dangers, or situations, home is there.


It has been almost two years since we moved to San Luis Potosi, Mexico. It’s home. But I am still adjusting to the differences in this home and our old home, in Georgia.

What differences?

Well, for one, the gym. Anytime we do exercise, it benefits our body and mind, right? And living in a new culture, plus starting a new ministry, has loads of stresses…so we try to exercise regularly. Plus, Mexico is a sugar and fat country. Azucar and grasa, they call it. Almost everything is fried or sweet, or fried AND sweet! So it’s so easy to gain mucho weight here!Iron Gym

Oh yeah, the gym. Iron Gym is the one near the house we rent. Truly, God connected us with Paty, the owner. We are praying for her and using every opportunity to share Christ with her. So I know I can’t complain, because I want her to like us. And to like God.

But there’s just one complaint I have with Paty’s gym. Well, maybe several. First, many of the machines have something wrong with them. Next, the roof leaks. Also, it’s hot in there with no AC! Ok, I know, it’s Mexico, so there isn’t AC. But what about the lack of necessities, like spray and paper towels to clean the machines when you finish. What about keeping toilet tissue in the bathrooms? And some dispensers to hold the toilet tissue would be nice, too. And some soap and paper towels would be awesome. And while you’re at it, could you please put toilet seats on the ladies’ toilets?

Takes me back to the Wizard of Oz… “We aren’t in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!”

You’ll never guess why Paty doesn’t have all of the “necessities” previously mentioned in her gym. She used to. But the members kept stealing stuff! Yes, I’m sure! The gym members were stealing toilet tissue and paper towels and the dispensers for both. They were detaching soap dispensers from the wall and taking them! Spray bottles of cleaner and paper towels were gone! So finally, Paty just said it was costing her too much to supply those things. Also, the people were mistreating the equipment, not using it properly, so it’s hard to keep it working properly. That explains everything (except the AC, but it’s Mexico, so there’s no AC. Gotta get used to it.)

You see, home is now a corrupt society. A culture without God, without standards. That’s exactly what a country with lots of “religion”, but no relationship with Jesus, will get you. Corruption. Many government officials, police officers, teachers, and other public service workers are owned by the drug cartels. They are paid to be corrupt. And why not? It’s easier than wondering how you will feed your family in the deep poverty. And besides, everyone else is doing it. It’s commonplace to give and take bribes and break laws. A lawless and God-less society, that’s my new home.IMG_6846

There aren’t even any standards in driving on the roads. That’s why I don’t drive here. I admit it, I’m scared. The lines on the roads, well, when there are lines on the roads, are not for the purpose of separating you from the other cars. Many drivers just sway back and forth across the lines as they drive. Ugh. We’ve been told that most people don’t have a driver’s license, and of course no insurance. They just drive whenever they can begin seeing over the steering wheel. If they have a car, which most people don’t because of the poverty here.


I will tell you some interesting things on the roads though! Jugglers who work for tips at the traffic lights. Someone walking on glass at a traffic light, hoping for a tip. A man playing the accordion while his son holds a tip jar. Trucks, overloaded with junk. And cows. Don’t forget the cows, depending on where you are. You have to laugh, because God likes to entertain us by showing us things we’re not used to seeing.

sanluispotosienglishEverything in my new home is relative. However you think it should be, that’s ok. If it feels right, it must be right. And forget thinking of others. It’s a very self-centered society. I know, you’re thinking, “well, it’s the same in the U.S.” Well, I think you’d have to come and stay here for awhile to see the drastic difference.

But you know what? As much as I can tell you of the differences in my new home, and my old one, I love my home. It’s where my heart is. That’s what God does when he leads you somewhere new. Whether it’s across the street, or a new country. If it’s Him leading you, He gives you joy. No matter what the challenges are. heart is

Have you ever experienced a new home? Tell us about it in the comment box!


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