5 Steps to Engaging in World Missions

Stop wishing you could have a part in spreading the gospel to other nations, without ever leaving your living room! You can, and here’s how!

go into all the world

Does this sound like you?

  •    Do you have a “Jesus heart” for the nations, but no time to act on it?
  •    Do you wonder how you can be a part of missions outside the U.S.?
  •    Do you wish you could help the poor as Jesus did, but you don’t know how?
  •    Do you keep saying, “I’ll help with the Great Commission in other countries…later?”
  •    Do you like to read missionaries’ stories about their experiences in other cultures?
  •    Do you wish you had a personal connection with a missionary?

I know how you feel!

For a long time, I wanted all of the above. I know what it feels like to be busy with work, family life, and to be overloaded. You think, “I’ll never have time to be a part of reaching the world for Christ.”

There is a solution – You can play a critical role in world missions in only a few minutes each month!

And…you’ll see automatic results! From your living room! man on computer

I want to empower you to fulfill your God-given, Christian need and desire to have a part in spreading the gospel to the nations! Without ever leaving home!

I have written an ebook called:

“5 Action Steps to Engaging in World Missions”

I’d love to send it to your email inbox for free! Just fill-in the form below!

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