Welcome to Our World!

Living in Mexico is really awesome…most days! I created this blog as a place where we can express ourselves, you know, tell about our experiences here, the good, the bad, and maybe the ugly. Some experiences are exciting, some are sad, and some are just plain funny! Living in another culture requires a person to say, “LET. IT. GO!” a lot! Almost everyday, we look at each other and say, “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.” (The Wizard of Oz!)

The food is different, the groceries are different. Some things aren’t refrigerated…scary! Phil and I are the only white people around, so we get stared at, A LOT! Especially in the long lines at the bank. The houses are built differently, with concrete rather than wood. At least we don’t need smoke alarms! Oh, and no air-conditioning, or heat! Well, unless you’re rich and live on the north side of town. Our weather is much like the southeastern U.S., so we use lots of fans in the summer, and blankets and sweats in the winter. There is so much more that we’ll be telling you in the future!

Our desire is to share the challenges and victories of serving God in Mexico right here on this blog. So I hope you’ll tune in from time to time. You may laugh, you may cry, but mostly I hope you’ll pray for these beautiful people that we live around. They are our friends!

go into all the world

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