Someone has to do something…

Someone has to do something. The youth of Mexico are being lost, one soul, one life at a time.

By youth, I mean those that are nine to 29 years old. This morning, I am looking at the pictures of our recent VBS at the ranch, just north of our city. Tears of joy are flowing because of their smiles and innocence. Yet, one was missing… Giovani.

Only last year, Giovani (sitting in the photo below), then age ten, came early everyday to our VBS. At the end of the week, he earned the biggest prize for being the champion with the most points for learning Bible verses, answering Bible story questions correctly, and having the best conduct.

IMG_8412Where was Giovani at VBS this year? Why haven’t we seen him at our weekly Bible study at the ranch, or at his home when we visit?

He’s missing. Now, he’s following a group of older boys in the ranch community. What’s worse, a few weeks ago, he came onto his relative’s property, the very property where he learned the Bible stories and memorized the verses; he vandalized the property, and stole a few small items.

Why? How did we lose him?

Jesus said, “What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he loses one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness, and go after the one which is lost until he finds it?” Luke 15:4

What can Phil and I do to save the youth in the state of San Luis Potosi from the gangs, drug cartels, and criminal activities? We can’t save them, but Jesus can.

360_mexico_youth_1029The drug cartels, gangs, and other criminal elements promise the impoverished youth here a better life. There’s a pit of crime for teens to fall into all around them everyday. On public transportation, in their schools, in their neighborhoods, and on the streets.

A few years ago, Time Magazine published an article about a time when the military (who deal with criminal activity here) stormed into a house expecting to find veterans of the narco wars behind the brutal murders and torture that was going on there… but it was teenagers. Young ones. The article said,

“The arrests highlight how a new generation of Mexicans is being swept up into the country’s drug war as both killers and victims. The week before saw four massacres claiming a total of 44 lives, most of the dead under the age of 25. The youngest was a 13-year-old girl.”

Priests and politicians here in Mexico are saying that young people need to be saved from falling into crime and death. But how?

They need to know Jesus, the Savior of the world.

In a country that is only 4% evangelical Christian, how will these youth learn how to have a personal relationship with the Jesus they hear about, but don’t know?

FullSizeRender 3
Where are the workers in this harvest?

We need YOU! How can you help?


God has given Covone Ministries His vision for the youth of Mexico.

A Mission Headquarters… used as a training center, centrally and strategically located in the capital city of San Luis Potosi.


FullSizeRender 13A place where we can hold Christian camps and train youth and adults in how to know God and share Him with others. For very little cost, we can host youth away from their home environment for a week, teach them how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and how to reach their friends with the true gospel of Christ.


When they return home, they will have the Holy Spirit living inside them, guiding them through their lives. They will have their own Bible, and they’ll know how to use it.

They will be workers in their own harvest.

Will you go with us after the ONE lost sheep, and then another, and another, until we find them?

This Mission Headquarters will serve many purposes beyond reaching youth.

  • Adults from the evangelical churches in Mexico will come to be trained in evangelism, disciple-making, disciple multiplication, church planting, and church multiplication.
  • Groups from the U.S. will come and help us in this harvest by prayer-walking areas with no Christian presence. They will assist us in holding evangelistic events, children’s events, and youth events all over our state.

IMG_3267The Lord has led us to the right piece of property (photo above), one acre of land. He has provided an architect to draw the plans for the construction of the Mission Headquarters.

Is God calling you to help us fulfill His vision for San Luis Potosi?

Here’s what you can do:

  • PRAY. Pray for the finances to purchase this property soon, and for the construction of the Mission Headquarters.
  • GIVE. Support Covone Ministries monthly so that we can continue the mission work we’ve been doing here for two years.
  • GO. Go to our website, and give a donation to “Covone Missions” through our sending church in Georgia. (

God has big plans for the un-reached of San Luis Potosi!

Come on, and be a part of it!



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