Foto Friday!

This Man…

What is it about elderly people that I love so much? Their wisdom? Their life-experience? Their stories? Yes, it’s their stories! Especially when they have a story of salvation to tell.
A year ago, in Mexico, we got to know a man who was a drunk, violent, and an abusive husband and father in his early days. But 15 years ago, God had saved him and transformed his life.
I just love stories like that!
Now, I’m praying for this man in the picture. I can’t remember his name, and have only met him a few times, but he lives at the ranch in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, where we have a weekly Bible study.
This man… all of his life, he has lived in this ranch community. No running water, dessert-like terrain, hot days, and cold nights. A tiny concrete block home, a burro for working in the fields, and a few horses and cattle to help bring in a little money to live on.
Men in Mexico, as in most places, are focused on their work and providing for their families. But not so much on religion. A few years ago, this man’s son, Simón, who also lives at the ranch, left the traditional religion of Mexico. Simón shocked his dad and the entire family when he stopped worshiping saints and images of idols, and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ for the salvation of his soul.
This man though… still doesn’t know Jesus. He knows of Jesus, and he’s heard the gospel story of Jesus the few times he was able to come to Bible study, but he has not made a decision to follow Jesus.
This man… I clearly remember the day that we gave him this Bible and a pair of reading glasses! He was so content!
This man… his health is failing, and he can hardly walk anymore. He could die any day now. Simón has been sharing the gospel of Christ with him more and more, but nothing has changed.
This man… I believe that God has the power to reveal Himself, and His sacrifice of His Son on the cross for this man’s eternity. And I believe things can change for this man.
This man… will you join me in praying for this man?

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