#4 of 10 Steps to Meeting Your Challenge

Step #4 Commune with God during the trial, because God instructs us in our difficult times.

Your trials, wherever you are in life, and my trials as a missionary in Mexico, are a time of learning to trust deeply in our God.

IMG_4283The first few months we lived in Mexico, we went with some Christian friends to a ranch in San Luis Gonzaga. We helped with carrying concrete blocks for construction of their church, Phil preached, we sang… it was awesome!

Except for the cooking. I had put upon myself the burden of learning to cook like they do so that I can minister the way they do.  I didn’t commune with God about this, just figured it made sense. You know, did my own thinking. This put a lot of undue pressure on me, as I was just getting adjusted to so many changes in my life.

Here’s the deal. When the trial is upon us, we can’t afford to do our own thinking. That is often the reason for the trial anyway. We must trust God by…

This is THE time to…

~”trust in the Lord with all our hearts

~ lean not on our own understanding

~ acknowledge Him in all our ways

~ watch expectantly for Him to direct our paths

~ not to be wise in our own eyes

~ fear the Lord and depart from evil”

Proverbs 3:5-7

IMG_4282Later, God revealed to me that He didn’t want me to spend my time learning to cook the way the Mexican ladies do. He gave me the gift of cooking American food, and He wanted me to use that and other gifts He’s blessed me with.

Whew! That was such a relief. I just couldn’t get excited about making masa for homemade tortillas, and making “sausage soup” (That’s what I call it!). Besides, they LOVE making Mexican food for us, just like I LOVE making American food for them! What a great plan the Lord had all along!

Sometimes, I think…

How arrogant are we anyway? We think we know what’s best, so we try to convince God of our way… through this thing we call prayer. And when He doesn’t listen and follow our desires, we get impatient or angry at Him.

*We must trust God deeply to act for our good and His glory. And to guide us accordingly.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

When we sit in a chair, we rest ALL of ourselves in that chair. We don’t wonder if it will hold us.

It’s the same with God. We can try to control Him by telling Him how we think things should be. Or we can CHOOSE to rest ALL of ourselves in God.

IMG_4309As it turns out, God’s purpose for me with these ladies was to build relationships with them, learn their culture, and just love them. Much simpler than making masa, y’all!!

Instead of deciding how He should meet our challenge, we can accept His way.

Now, that’s trusting God to meet your challenge!

Please share in the comments about what God is teaching you about trusting God to meet your challenges.


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