Foto Friday!

Training Christians to Make Disciples in Ciudad Altamira, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Today’s photo from Ciudad Altamira, Tamaulipas, Mexico, is a reminder of the last words that Jesus left for us… go, and make disciples.

In early September, we traveled to a state 6 hours from us to train the Christians in that community and local church on how to “share their story” (of how they came to know Christ), and “share Jesus’ story” (of redemption). How refreshing it was to see believers who are hungry to know God more closely, and to share that knowledge with others!

IMG_6157One of the churches we visited was a house church that met underneath a couple’s home, in like an open garage area. Everyone brought food, and we had a great time of fellowship afterward!

Another church we attended, and where we conducted the training, was in a little church building that they had raised their own money to build many years ago. It was plain and simple, but just exactly what they needed!

IMG_6181Will you please pray for the people of Altamira as they carry out the Great Commission that Jesus left for all of us? Will you pray for us as we return there in February to see how their work is going? Thank you!!

And remember to share your story, and the story of Jesus, with someone soon!

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