#8 of 10 Steps to Meeting Your Challenge

#8 – Strap on faith and face the future!

“There is adventure, excitement, and delight in watching God block out the giants in the land.” Priscilla Shirer

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

Faith is the foundation for our relationship with God. Our trust in God’s love for us and care for us, even when that challenge is overwhelming, is what wakes us up in the mornings. It’s why we put one foot in front of the other.

Problems are God’s opportunities in disguise. Opportunities to trust Him, and then see what great things He has in store because of those problems. God always has a good purpose for what we’re going through. There is always something to learn that will benefit us, and will help others.

… IF we choose to focus on our relationship with Him, rather than focusing on being the victim of the problem.

IMG_5438As a missionary in Mexico, almost everything that we do is a challenge. It’s always about making disciples… getting the TRUTH about Jesus, and salvation in Him, to the people of Mexico. Often times, we are planning an Evangelistic Event or a Bible Club for Kids, or visiting people in their homes. But the purpose is always the same.

IMG_5550Along with that come the challenges… lots of challenges! The local priest will often tell the people not to listen to us, but to be true to his church instead. People often don’t show up to events… for different reasons. Planning and lots of work is sometimes done for nothing. Breaking through barriers of tradition and lies of the past is difficult.

It takes faith… sometimes more faith than I have on my own, to carry on living and serving God in Mexico. Faith that God will be present and powerful enough to touch and change people’s hearts. To bring them from the darkness into the light. IMG_5554

We sure can’t do it! Only God can bring purpose and peace into the lives of these people we live around. He chose us to do it through! But we’re useless if we don’t have the faith needed to trust Him to do the work.

It’s imperative that we not run from our challenges, but face them with faith that God is who He says He is. Not cut God short. Not prevent or interfere with His doing what no man can do. We must stand strong, believe Him, and expectantly watch Him come through in ways only He can.


IMG_5525It’s a beautiful thing to watch God work! He amazes us over and over again. Sometimes we just look at each other and start giggling… astonished at the power and ways of God!

Today, I hope that you will begin anew searching for ways to grow your faith and confidence in God. Trusting Him in all things!

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