FullSizeRender 4We are Phil and Jami Covone, and we are missionaries in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. This blog will be a place where we write about our experiences as we share the Good News Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of Mexico.

Our method of evangelism and discipleship is modeled after the disciples in the book of Acts in the Bible. Our focus is on the people outside of the traditional evangelical church. It’s our first goal to build relationships, so we attend neighbor gatherings, invite people over, and prayer-walk asking God to choose the people that are ripe for hearing about His saving grace. Then, we meet those people, and we become friends.

People are always asking us, “Do you live here?” and “Why would you want to live here instead of in the U.S.?” What a perfect opportunity to say, “Because God says some important things in the Bible that everyone, everywhere, needs to know. We live here to have Bible studies with people and discover God’s Word together! Would you like to read the Bible with us sometime?”

We are amazed at how many times someone says, “Yes, I’d like to know what God says. I’ve never read the Bible.” Since this is God’s plan, and God’s work, He touches the hearts that are ready to learn about Him. From these experiences, Bible study groups form in people’s homes, in our home, and in coffee shops and food courts. Next, some people commit their lives to Christ and are baptized. As a group matures, we teach them how to become a church if they so desire.

Let’s be honest. Not everyone who attends a Bible study comes back a second time. Not everyone attends faithfully. However, since the Word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, God draws people to Himself through the reading of His Word! And many do make a commitment to follow Christ for the rest of their lives. That, my friend, is why we’re here!